How to select Yakimono


How to select Yakimono

Yakimono has two roles.

One is the function to use and the other is the decorativeness to appreciate.

Yakimono of mass production is enough if you think ease of use.

Please refine the aesthetic sensation that you feel beautiful using real Yakimono and make your daily life more pleasant and comfortable.

【趣味で始める陶芸入門】やきものの種類~ その違いと特徴を解説

Let’s touch first 

Unlike paintings and sculptures, it is important that Yakimono touch by hand and feel it with your hand as you see it. 

Let’s have knowledge 

In order to cultivate rich sensibilities and distinguish Yakimono of good quality, it is necessary to know materials, molding method, glaze, decoration technology. 

Let’s mature

When you first have dishes, imagine how the dishes were served with dishes and arranged like a table. Imagine how flowers are used in vases when you hold a vase.

The charm of Yakimono lies in the beauty of when Yakimono is completed as a set with cooking and flowers. 

Let’s not choose by price

What kind of Yakimono you choose depends on your aesthetic sense.

The expensive Yakimono is not necessarily a good Yakimono.

It is fun to cultivate your own viewing eyes, find a wonderful Yakimono and increase your Yakimono collection. 


Japanese-style dishes in daily life

how to arrange Japanese-style dishes

1, Combine porcelain and pottery. 

2, Use Japanese dishes for Western style. 

3, Entertain many customers. 

4, Use for dinner only for two people. 

5, Enjoy with the equipment of everyday use.

How to choose,use,handle vessels(Utsuwa)

Points of selecting Utsuwa

1, Choose what you want to use in advance and choose. 

2, Choose according to the age and composition of family and lifestyle. 

3. First, arrange from a simple vessel. 

4, Choose playful Utsuwa, such as rice bowsl, tea bowls, small bowls, small dishes, chopsticks restraint and so on. 

5, regardless of the set dishes. 

6, The vessels have appropriate sizes, choose a sturdy and easy to handle. 

7, Touch sensitive. 

8, See as many vessels as possible.

 Devices for using equipment

1, Devise the arrangement of vessels and use it.

2, Use the same vessels variously.